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Releasing a new product or service is always exciting! But no matter how exciting your new product is for you, it’s not going to go anywhere if you don’t have someone to release it to. Over the years we have kept hitting on the need to build an audience.

As our article on audience building before product launch states, it’s imperative to have an established audience before you even build your initial product or service. You can read more here, where we explained why this is important, and not doing so will see your brand hit the rock, and of course, you’ll not love the harsh reality.

So now, as the age of the internet grows more dynamic it’s undeniable that the growth of a business is needed to push the brand ROI, and even more so, the need to market a brand using social media and content marketing is essential. But can you combine the two?

Chill, this article will explain how you can go about this, and you should note that our articles are based our what we do for hundreds of our clients across the globe and research.

Understanding Marketing for Social Media

Having a social media page for your business is different from actually using the unique functions of a social media business page. Be careful not to treat your social media business page as a personal page. In reality, many brands make this mistake, they feel they can post as a person and forget they are a brand.

This is a trend that leads to disaster in brand recognition and marketing. Why? We observed that our clients who use our social media marketing service used to post on their business page as though it were an individual page. We also used Twitter as a case study, where many vendors in developing countries used their business account as a personal account, they even engaged in controversial tweets using accounts meant for their social media business pages.

You can imagine, Microsoft responding to a tweet by an individual about Politics or something not corporate related to their auspice. Now, that’s the kind of damage we are referring to. To best avoid this, we recommend that if you have social media page for your brand you should always post on things surrounding your business, what your business sells, how your business operates, how to help customers, offer discounts,s and all-round talks about your brand exclusively on your business brand page.

This is critical if you would love to see success boom out of the social media pages you have deemed for business. Understanding this concept is critical, as many businesses make this mistake. Kindly, avoid responding to controversial topics, follow only accounts that are related to your business. Even Apple does not follow anyone or the company, probably this might be the reason.

Using Content Marketing To Drive Influx and Awareness

In a digital age, millions of people spend so much of their time poking around digital platforms. Is your business increasingly aware of this trend? There are billions of pieces of information around and there is much fake information about certain concepts, products, services, and even brands.

Using content marketing to drive influx and awareness is another way to drive the boost for the marketing. Yes, you must understand that content marketing is really expensive (we can help you using our content marketing plan when you click here), but it is rewarding when you can deliver top-notch content that your users will definitely want to interact with.

Using content marketing involves, creating content that could be visual, text, or otherwise. You can create this content and put them on your social media brand pages and post them. Your audience will decide if it’s great for them, this is why you should do well to implement using data analytics to guide your decision-making process.

Content marketing takes time and resources to make, and you must make content in your unique industry. Use your blogs, Instagram stories, Facebook, Twitter, even Snapchat to give people a taste of what value they can gain by being on your own platform. It could take some amount of time but we’re sure you’ll get there.


Content marketing works in correlation to social media, that’s the huge point you must take. You can’t do one without the other, it’s impossible. We also recommend you to take out time, money, and schedule to run digital sponsored ads on the content you make on your various social media business channels. Understand which platform you get most visitors from, use the metrics, run the ads and watch your brand grow step by step.

It’s no secret that selling a product becomes much easier when your customer is looking for what you sell.

Let’s say you sell high-end sofas. Someone on the hunt for a $300 sofa isn’t going to be easy to sell to. By the time they walk into your store, they’ve already made up their mind about what type of sofa they need.

However, what if you could talk to that person while they were researching sofas? What if you could talk to them about the importance of paying a premium for quality before they made up their mind about how much they were going to spend?

Controlling the conversation while your most likely customers are educating themselves is invaluable. The same holds true for everything from car insurance to business software.

So why not write about these conversation points? Why not control the conversation when your customers are deciding what they need? Chances are your competitors are beating you to the punch and stealing your best potential customers.

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