Last Updated on October 20, 2021 by Rovamedia

The sore story of a Social Media Manager and Content Curator who has to keep posting on different company’s social media platforms at once is multitasking and can drain the little life out of you. In this article, we explain how to use Buffer, a Social Media Management Tool for Rova Media Digital.

How to schedule Social Media posts with Buffer

So how do you schedule any Social Media posts? There’re several methods.

Facebook itself offers a native feature that allows admins and editors to schedule posts to a Page or a Group. Here’s a quick guide from Facebook on how to schedule Facebook posts.

If you are managing multiple Facebook Pages (or multiple social media profiles), we hope the best way for you would be to use Buffer.

For your benefit, Rova Media Digital is a Buffer partner. We have a Buffer Admin Account and that is what you’ll be using to make the scheduled post to ease your great mind.

1. Go to your Buffer dashboard

Once you’ve signed up for Buffer you’ll be brought to your (our) Buffer dashboard. Here’s how it’ll look like:

2. Craft your Social Media Post

Next, let’s create some content!

What content should you be sharing? Here are some ideas (and examples) for your inspiration:

Post-edutainment content. We found that content that is either educational or entertaining often performs well on Facebook. Best if it is both educational and entertaining (hence “edutainment”)!

Business content. We found that content that is either business-oriented also performs well on LinkedIn and Instagram. Twitter drives more engagement on curative content for brands.

3. Start Publishing

Once you’ve crafted your post, you have to do the following:

  • Publish Space: Click on the publish space as depicted below:
  • Social Media Connected Accounts: By default the normal image you’ll see is that of no social media account currently selected or in use (see image below).

However, you should select any of the social media platforms you are engaged to publish on (see the image below). Make sure all social media accounts linked are highlighted to enable you to publish your post on those platforms.

  • Make Your Post and Schedule: After drafting your post the next thing you’ll need to do is to simply schedule or even share the post immediately (if need be). The image below depicts how it’s done.

4. Finalize and Publish: At this point, you’ve come this far. If you’re scheduling for a future post, all you need to do now is simply select the date and time to enable your post to be published on the Timeline.

For many social media managers, social media scheduling tools are a lifesaver. These tools help them improve their social media performance and save them time (and their evenings and weekends).

If you have always been going to your social media page(s) admin account to publish your posts, scheduling your social media posts might sound like an unusual recommendation. If you have any thoughts or concerns about scheduling your social media posts, we would love to hear and discuss them with you when you Contact Us