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Redbull has grown to a $17B company. By marketing in the most unconventional ways.

Here are 5 times they shocked the world:

  1. The “Red Bull Girls”: In the 1980s, Red Bull hired female models to hand out free cans to its target audience: 18 to 35-year-old males. From parties to libraries, this strategy put Red Bull on the map. All because they went to their audience, not the other way around.
  2. The London Trashing: In the late 1980s, they went around London putting empty Redbulls: • into several trash cans • around nightclubs It built an illusion of popularity and made an impression on its customers.
  3. The Flugtag Event was First held in 1992, and competitors try to fly their own machines at this event! Now, this flying event has reached: 35 cities globally with 200,000+ attendees With this Flugtag event, Red Bull got both brand alignment and exposure.
  4. The Stratos Jump In 2012: Red Bull sent a man 128,000 ft above Earth in nothing but a small ship and a helium balloon. The result? 2 broken world records $500M in sales And the cost? About $30M That’s a 17X return on investment!
  5. The “Can You Make It?” Contest: 200+ teams From 60+ countries With 7 days to travel across Europe The twist? No money. They can only use cans of Red Bull as currency. It got canceled the last few times, but maybe I’ll see you there in 2023?

That’s all the examples I have! And you might have noticed that each of them shares a few features:

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